Confused Universe

 A universe consists of many different and small worlds and these creatures come from another worlds. They came to our world through secret paths. (Click the images of Monsters, Plant Monsters, Animal Monsters, Robots, Christmas monsters, and Tulip Monsters to know more about them.)

Monsters Gathering

 (Click the images of Monster and Creatures to know more about them.)

Hidden Creatures in Cities

When I am walking in a city, I always can see many creatures secretly staring at me, waving to me, and hiding from me. They always can surprise me. Walking in cities for me is like entering different wonderlands. (Discovery more about Hidden Creatures)

Animals & Nature

I was exploring different art style and I decided to create an animal series in four different seasons with ink drawing and watercolor.  Here are the results of Spring Rabbit, Summer Cat, Autumn Dear and Winter Bear

Ink Monsters

Black Ink Monsters only like the color- Black, and they hate other colors. So, their plan is invading the world with their Black Ink. However, after they landed on earth, they were surprised by the beautiful scenery of the earth, and had too much fun with the animals to remember their mission.


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