Portrait practice 01

It’s just for practice because I rarely drew people because I love to draw Monsters, Animals, Creatures and Robots.
I think that I got too much influence by “the animation films of Hayao Miyazaki, My Neighbour ToToro and Whisper of the Heart”, when I was a kid!

Little Root

Little Root were growing next to the Secret Lab. Their genes were mutated by the chemical leakage. They got a mouth, a nose, a pare of eyes, arms and feet

Dreamy Cloud

Dreamy Cloud loves to dream and she mostly is living in her own bobble.  She wishes that She could keep sleeping and never wake up.



Mr. Froggy Monster

Mr. Foggy Monster is Fighter Frog’s Grand Pa. Grand Pa Frog was a fighter and had very bad temper as Fighter Frog when he was young. He has learned and experience a lot during his years of army life. Slowly he became an old, wise, and kind Grand Pa.

Goat Monster

Goat Monster showed up at Harlods during the Chinese new year because Harlods wated to stimulate the selling by creating an interesting news, event, or a discussion, … to attract Rich Chinese tourist to visit Harlods. However, everyone thought Goat Monsters was just a “Mascot” like TNT Cat, except the CEO of Harlods.

Bear Monkey

This creature looks like a mix with bear and monkey so people just call him Bear Monkey for now. (Under observation )




Eggie has only one eye so he cannot see and feel the depth really well. He can roll really fast downhill when he retracts his arms and legs back into his body.



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