Behind the Christmas

In the cold, northern reaches of Finland, a legend is told: Santa Claus, affectionately known as Santa GrandPa, hails from the city of Rovaniemi, nestled on the Arctic Circle. However, there’s a lesser-known part of this tale.

A dedicated group of helpers toils alongside Santa GrandPa and resides in a forest near Lake Seipäjärvi, a distant 200 kilometers from Rovaniemi. After Christmas, these fairies enjoy a well-deserved six-month break, spending their days in revelry, merrymaking, and pure laziness.

But for the remaining six months, they toil tirelessly in a vast cave deep beneath the earth’s surface. Through a magical ice crystal, they glean the children’s wish lists and craft special Christmas gifts for them. The fairies repeat this routine year after year until one fateful day, when they..

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