Postscript-Sweet Halloween workshop Oct.16.22

I just finished the illustration workshop of Sweet Halloween last Sunday. I was very happy and surprised that the participants were from such diverse fields as law, marketing, digital art, library, writing, etc. When I ran the creative thinking exercises, I found that most of the participants had already a lot of experience with painting and rich creativity. (Everyone was too good. That made me feel a bit useless, and I could only assist from the side. XD)

During the workshop, the participants were creating their own unique little monsters, while sharing their own stories, and eating delicious and delicate sweets. It was so wonderful that the workshop was full of rich creativity, warmth and laughter and I enjoyed it very much. At the end of the workshop, I received more positive feedback than I expected. I will also try to improve my workshop, and bring more fun to all my participants

The only thing that I feel a little pity for was that I didn’t have the opportunity to get to know each of my participants better. I hope that I can hold a small exhibition next year or the year after. Then I can take this chance to get to know my participants and fans better
Thank Round and Round Rotterdam for the delicious sweets and great assistance, and many good friends for their helpful feedback.

In addition, I have to thank the crews of Venture Café who have given me opportunities and assisted me in running many different workshops, and many participants at Venture Café have given me a lot of effective feedback.

Oh ya~ I almost forgot to thank my Black Ink Monster ambassador. He was helping me to warm up the workshop! ^^  


—— In Chinese: Sweet Halloween 工坊後記 / 10月16日——-

上週日剛辦完小怪獸插畫工坊。很開心、也非常意外參加者來多種不同的領域,比如:法律、行銷、書寫、數位藝術、圖書館等等 。在帶著大家做創意發想練習時,我發現參加者大多已有許多的繪畫經驗和豐富的創意。(大家都太厲害了,讓做為開授插畫工坊的我感到毫無用武之地,只能默默在旁協助。XD)
大家邊邊創作著各自獨特的小怪獸、邊分享各自創作的小故事、邊吃著Round & Round 好吃精致的茶點。整個插畫工坊充斥著滿滿的豐富的創意、滿滿的溫暖及笑聲。在工坊的最後,我收到超乎我預期正面的反饋。我也會繼續努力將工坊舉辦得更好玩、有趣的!

唯一讓我感到有點宛惜的是,我沒機會和每一位來自不同領域的參與者好好聊一下、彼此交流。希望明年或後年能有機會辦個小型的畫展,借此機會和workshop 的參與者還有粉絲好好認識、交流一下。^^
感謝 Round and Round 好吃的茶點和大力協助,還有很多好朋友們給我的很有幫助 feedback! 🙂
此外,還有許多在 Venture Café 人員給我機會及協助我辦多場不同的workshops,許多在Venture Café 的參與者給我很多有效的 feedback. 🙂


Acrylic painting Workshop : Yearly Calendar 2020

Last Sunday / December 1, I have gave my first painting workshop art Round & Round in Rotterdam.

In the beginning of the workshop, I got a bit sweat because some of the participators didn’t know where they can start with and I wouldn’t want them to bring an empty canvas home. Fortunately they are really talented. After I showed them some examples and explained them the steps, they started sketching with their pencils. In the end of the workshop, they all created very nice and their unique paintings. It was a bit pity that the time was too short to finish their paintings up. (I can truly felt that dogs are running after us when I was giving workshop.)

It was a great teaching experience and thanks all the talented participators. and the warm support from Round & Round! 🙂

I am planing to hold workshops regularly next year!
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