Kröller-Müller Valley

In the past decade, climate change, along with other factors, has triggered numerous bushfires. Even the forests where the Kröller and Müller families once lived were not spared from these fires. Consequently, the two families had no choice but to migrate north in search of a new location where they could find adequate water and food. After navigating several detours, they each arrived, one after the other, in a valley encircled by mountains. They named this new place ‘Kröller-Müller Valley’ and gradually began constructing their dream homes using the abundant natural resources available.

The Kröller and Müller families consistently offer warm and friendly support to the travelers passing through the valley. In fact, some of these travellers decide to stay and become permanent residents of the valley, all thanks to the hospitality and warmth extended by the Kröller and Müller families.

Let’s delve into the events unfolding in Kröller-Müller Valley…

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