An illustrator who
discovers Monsters in Cities & Nature

Hello / Hoi ~ : )

I am Yu-Chia, an illustrator who loves to explore the world, draw and to document them with ink and paints. what I see. Now I live in Rotterdam, wandering in the city, exploring interesting spots, discovering interesting monsters and observing their behaviours.

Do you see Monsters around you as well? I hope that I’m not the only one who can see Monsters. I’m very curious about  the Monsters you’ve seen and where they are. Feel free to write me an e-mail to “” and share them with me.

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Art Activities

  • Culturele zondagen, Utrecht,  June 2015
  • Global Game Jam at HKU, Hilversum, 2015
  • Global Game Jam at HVA, Amsterdam, 2014
  • Global Game Jam at HKU, Hilversum, 2013
  • Bring Your Own Beamer (BYOB) , Utrecht, December 2012
  • Global Game Jam at HVA, Amsterdam, 2012
  • Yu-Chia Huang’s exhibition city hall, Huizen,   January to March 2011
  • Yu-Chia Huang’s exhibition at Art Cantina, Amsterdam, October 2010
  • Yu-Chia Huang’s exhibition at Canvas7e, Amsterdam, May to  June 2010
  • 8x8 duo kunstenaars voor kunstenaars, ISM galerie, Hilversum  February to March 2010
  • Wild Kunst Gras in CBK/GSA Galerie, Hilversum, September 2009
  • Union Exhibition Bureau of Teacher(Su-Zhen Chen) and Students’ in Cultural Affairs, Hsinchu City in Taiwa, 2006 March



Contact me

Do you want to work with me or do you have any questions?
Please contact me with the following info.

Email: info[at]
Location: Rotterdam