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I have bought some of Yu-chia´s illustrations on cards. When I look at her painting or her personalised design. I really feel inspired.
Opens up my fantasy and made me laugh. Her painting makes my day!

Kaiyi Min

Postscript-Sweet Halloween workshop Oct.16.22

I just finished the illustration workshop of Sweet Halloween last Sunday. I was very happy and surprised that the participants were from such diverse fields as law, marketing, digital art, library, writing, etc. When I ran the creative thinking exercises, I found that...
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Acrylic painting Workshop : Yearly Calendar 2020

Last Sunday / December 1, I have gave my first painting workshop art Round & Round in Rotterdam. In the beginning of the workshop, I got a bit sweat because some of the participators didn't know where they can start with and I wouldn't want them to bring an empty...
Chia's Daily Doodles & News

Portrait practice 01

It's just for practice because I rarely drew people because I love to draw Monsters, Animals, Creatures and Robots. I think that I got too much influence by “the animation films of Hayao Miyazaki, My Neighbour ToToro and Whisper of the Heart”, when I was a...
Chia's Daily Doodles & News

Little Root

Little Root were growing next to the Secret Lab. Their genes were mutated by the chemical leakage. They got a mouth, a nose, a pare of eyes, arms and feet
Chia's Daily Doodles & News

Santa Moose

Santa Moose likes to bring gifts to people, especially for kids, and enjoys seeing the happy faces when the kids and people receive the gifts.
Chia's Daily Doodles & News

Dreamy Cloud

Dreamy Cloud loves to dream and she mostly is living in her own bobble.  She wishes that She could keep sleeping and never wake up.    
Chia's Daily Doodles & News

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