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* Shipping is by weight, the shopping cart will indicate shipping costs.


Delivery order & Pick up products 

Mailbox mail takes 2-3 business days |  Package item takes 2-3 days

* Delivery times generally apply to the products. It may always be that delivery time is different, which will always be indicated.

* Products can always be collected in consultation, so please make an appointment first.



You can pay by IDEAL or bank transfer.

* There is no additional charge for payment via IDEAL.


Product not arrived &  product returning

* Please contact us immediately., if the products didn’t arrive.

* We do our utmost to describe and visualize products as well as possible. Exchange may be returned if the complete, unused and original packaging is returned within 7 days of receipt of the product. Feel free to contact us. As soon as we have received the returned product, you will get the purchase amount as soon as possible.


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