Animal illustrations in 4 seasons

Spring Rabit©ChiaDNA

Summer cat©ChiaDNA

Autumn dear©ChiaDNA


winter bear©ChiaDNA

I was exploring different art style and I decided to create an animal series in four different seasons with ink drawing and watercolor.  Here are the results, Spring Rabbit, Summer Cat, Autumn Dear and Winter Bear.




Portraits and Notes of Robots

Portraits and Notes of Robots

Intro of these Robots:
These cute, happy and colorful robots are the best little helpers in the world. They love to help people with their different talents from factories.

Moose Robot©ChiaDNA
Recently Santa Clause got his first helper because the Santa felt that he was getting too old and afraid that he cannot finish his Christmas mission alone anymore. Therefore he decided to order his first Robot Helper, Moose Santa, from the Robot Maker Company and get help completing his mission. Moose Santa becomes one of the best little helpers of Santa.

Rusty Robot©ChiaDNA
Rusty Robot is built at “Robot Maker” and he is belonged to a service department of W&E (Water & Electricity) Company now. When he doesn’t need to work and it is raining outside, he loves wandering outside on a rainy day. He enjoys the sound and feeling of the raindrops that fall and touch on his body.

Light Ball Robot©ChiaDNALight-Ball Robot is innovated by two companies, Robot Maker and Phips. It was an experimental project for an exhibition in a museum. The purpose of this experiment is to “Help people to understand the emotions of Robots.” When Light-Ball Robot is happy, the color of light will turn to Orange; when he is sad, the color will turn to Blue, etc..  to Blue, etc..

Tool Robot©ChiaDNA
Tool Robot is built by a company- “Robot Maker”. He is a test sample for a repair center. He loves to help people and fix their computer, phone, television, radio and other electronics.

Service Robot©ChiaDNAService Robot is built by a company- “Robot Maker” for a Chef in his restaurant and helps that Chef offering the best dishes. He helps that the Chef to prepare food with his knife, grill meat and vegetable with his fork, and measure the temperature with his eyes.


Portraits and Notes of Plant Creatures

Portraits and Notes of Plant Creatures

Intro of these Plant Creatures:
Little Root, Stone plant and Grass Monster were growing next to the Secret Lab. Their genes were mutated by the chemical leakage. They got a mouth, a nose, a pare of eyes, arms and feet

Stone Plant©ChiaDNA
Plant Stone


Little Root©ChiaDNA
Little Root

Grass Monster©ChiaDNA
Grass Monster


Mr. Insect’s spring talk

Finally the spring is here now. Mr. Insects went out together to enjoy the nice weather and warm temperature.  At this moment, they are talking about how nice the spring is.

Kidnaped by Bed Monster

Kidnaped by Bed Monster

This E-mail is from an employ.
Dear  Boss:
Sorry, I am not able to arrive the office on time because my bed is kidnapping me now!!!
I am trying to escape from a big monster on my bed and I think that I can handel it , but it seems that it will take a while.
Your employ

Birthday Celebration

Happy Birthday/生日快樂 to the birthday person!
The big fish brings birthday cake and gift to a birthday person. The creatures next to the big fish are dancing for a birthday person and sing a song, wish that person”年年有今朝,歲歲有今日/she or he will have their birthday every year .)

KidsCalculate app icon

Title: App-icon design for KidsCalculate Basis Rekenen
Task: Create i-con with existing  material from KidsCalculate app with happy and joyful atmosphere.
Client: Pikido
Time: 4hours

Art Nouveau with Egyptian patterns

Task: Outer frame design mixed with Egyptian and Art Nouveau
Client: R3D Pixel

* Extra information:
Illustrator: Yu-Chia Huang
Production tim: 4 hours
Production period: 2013. February

App icon- Mathlands’

Title: App icon for Mathlands’
I’ve designed a brain creature is calculating and presented math symbol on top of head  for the icon because Mathlands’ is a math training app. In addition, this app is specially for little kids so the creature for the icon is cute, smart, innocent.

Client: R3D Pixel

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