Wedding Tree


The tree in the poster is Eveline’s Home-Family. Eveline, her husband(Pink Bird), Morning(Green Bird), and her little daughter (little Bird)are living on this tree, and their home is built by the love from her families, friends etc.

Client: Eveline



HeartBeatles logo


This logo needs to represent both HeartBeatles and nature. The company deals with biological-, vegetable,- and nature products. I created a HeartBeatles heart shaped logo, and added a leaf for the HeartBeatles body in order to show the connection with Vegetables, Biologic, and nature.

The sketch of the logos:

The options of the logo:


The final logo:

logo design for sexyveggie-redheart3 copy copy

Client: Sexyveggie Company

* Extra information:
Graphic design: Yu-Chia Huang
Production time: 2 days
Production period: 2012. August.

I love Birds


The mission of  I love birds are about music, art, life, food etc. Thus, I have created a tree spirit with her magic hair, and pencil hat. She brings colors to the world with her magical colorful hair, and delivers rich ideas, creations for painting, cooking, composing music etc. by her magic pencil hat to people via her Messengers, Birds.

Client: I Like Birds Org.



birth — life — death- rebirth
(Samsara is a game that has been created in 48h by a team of six during the GlobalGameJam 2012 in Amsterdam using the Unity game engine.)

Keep looking for powerups before the darkness gets you. The powerups do have negative side effects such as inversed gravity, inversed controls, disappearing level blocks and impared vision.

The player finds herself trapped inside a mysterious world. The experience starts with full vision of the surroundings, but the visible area slowly encloses around her. When nothing remains, the player is trapped, ending the game.

The player must push back the darkness by transcending into new states of being. However, in each new stage one aspect of the player character or game world will be different. The player must find out what has changed, and traverse the near identical level.

The cycle repeats again and again until finally, finally, the transcendence is complete.

Windows, Mac OS X+, Web browser with plugins (Unity player, Torque,…)

Robin Vink
Frank Versnel
Ewout Zimmermann
Yu-Chia Huang
Dylan Nagel
Lukas Hoenderdos

Download the game-Samsara:
Submarine channel invitation

Submarine channel invitation

Title: An invitation card for Submarine 10 years anniversary party, so I created a “Yellow whale Submarine” is having a big party with other sea creatures.

Client: Submarine Channel

Animation test for “De kleine kapitein”


This is an animation test for a project called: The Little Captain. It’s a book, that i was  trying to turn into an animation. This test is animated by: Lara, with my illustrations for Submarine.

Illustrator: Yu-Chia Huang

Animator: Lara

Animation test file:

Some other sketch/ concept illustrations for the story-“De Kleine Kapitein”:

* Extra information:

Production tim: Four months to
Production period: 2010. October – 2011. February.

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