Robot & Plant Monsters flower pot




Flower pot:
– Outer Diameter: 12 cm; inner diameter: 10.5 cm
– 12 black & white prints of character illustrations and 11 colored prints of character  illustrations are available.
– The pot is waterproof, but not dishwasher safe!
– Flower pot possible to ship

Flower pot with plant:
– A flower pot with a nice small plant/flower/ fatty plant. (It is easy maintain and quite strong.)
– Flower pot with plant is local pickup Only

Robot with his plant Friends in a Dutch raining day:
This Robot is an old module from a company “Robot Maker”. Now he is semi broken and was abandoned in a recycle center.
However, the employee of “Robot Maker” forgot to remove the battery before sending the Robot to the center, and somehow the miracle happened to the Robot, “he woke up and run away before being recycled.”
He knew that he had to hide, and cannot be found because he was going to be destroyed. He cannot walk on a street and interact with others without fears. Slowly he starts feeling lonely, talking to plants and collecting plants.

* More stories and illustrations: Portraits and Notes of Robots and Monster Friends


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