Culturele zondagen Utrecht in June

I was invited to participate a event, Culturele zondagen Utrecht, by GMraven. We were a team as GMraven suites & art.

It was my first time to do the live drawing and I was a bit nervous. In fact, I am not use to draw in front of a lot visitors, and creating art is a private thing for me. Thus, it was a challenge for me.  During the event, I got a lot of complement with my pervious art and live drawing, and it made me forget my uncomfortable feeling. One thing in the event was very surprised me , ” there were couples of  grande mother age’s lady came to me and told me that they really like my art and the way I am drawing.” I didn’t think that my art will attract elders. What a surprise!

I’ve created a piece of illustration, “A Dutch Raining Day”. It was inspired by the weather on that Sunday: the Robot presents my feeling of Dutch raining day, and on the other hand, the plants are happy to receive the rain.

11540932_1015900895094343_5914169901265405319_n copy
(I was thinking what am I going to create.)

A Dutch raining Day

Finished illustration
Robot and Plant Monsters in a Dutch Raining Day



Swan market in Utrecht in June

I’ve prepared couple of new products, for example: new cards, prints and printed mugs for this market, and I got so many positive reaction. 🙂  Finally I can say that the market was successful, and I enjoyed this market day very much. 😀 Of course, one of the most import reasons was that I had a good selling. Plus, the weather was very good and I had very nice neighbors (the little factory). Besides these, I got a lot new fans and so many friends have visited me. Thank you all so much for the visiting and I do appreciate that a lot. See you soon then! 😉


Swan market Utrecht_Chia DNA



De Zelfgemaakte Markt Utrecht in June

Last market in May was with a bad weather so I was praying hard for a nice weather for my market in June. Fortunately the weather was very good for market. (Maybe gods heard my praying. :P) Although the weather was very good, but my selling was not great. It made me wonder what the reason is. I guessed that maybe there were too many activities in Utrecht on that day, and some people were attracted to other events, instead of De Zelfgemaakte Markt. Anyway, I had a nice market day with nice Sunshine and fresh air. Plus, couple of unexpected visitors/ my friends visited me for the supporting. I felt so great and warm in my heart. (Thanks all for the support and visiting. ^^)


Chia DNA was at De Zelfgemaakte markt in Utrecht on 7th of June 2015.

De Zelfgemaakte markt Utrecht _Chia DNA




Zelfgemaakte markt in Utrecht in May!

May 3 2015 was a raining day with heavy wind. Obviously the weather was not suitable for market. Even though this market was my first market with bad weather, I still could feel that I was not going to have a big selling. Thus, I had very low expatiation or goal for my selling, and just tried to have fun. In the end of the market, I luckily got better selling than I expected. 🙂
Besides the selling part, I was very happy to meet a lot of visitors who like and appreciate my art and products very much. By the way, this photo was taken by a fan of my art. 😀 (Finally I am in my market photo.^^)


De Zelfgemaakte Markt


Swan Market in Utrecht April 2015

Swan Market in Utrecht April 2015

It was a first creative market in Utrecht 2015. The weather was really nice and warm. I got a good sell and had great time on Swan markt with my friends and my neighbors of Swan market. On the market, I’ve seen people smiling at my products and in love with my creation. It is really wonderful and I am very grateful that I am doing what I love, and people also like what I’ve created!

I am going to create new series of products. Let’s wait and see what I will create. 🙂
See you on next market (De zelfgemaakte markt Utrecht on 3rd of May)! 😉

Swan Market Utrecht_April 2015_2s


Swan Market Utrecht_April 2015_3s

Swan Market in Rotterdam 2015

Swan Market in Rotterdam 2015

It is my first time in Swan market. I didn’t have any customer in first hour, and I was wondering if people do not like my products?! Luckily I got my first customer around 12:30! 😀 Then it went well!

I am working on creating better design and quality of products. Let’s wait and see what is going to happen next… 🙂

Swan market 2015 march_1


Swan market 2015 march_2


Zelfgemaakte kersten markt Utrecht 2014

Zelfgemaakte kersten markt Utrecht 2014

It was my first time to sell my product in Christmas market 2014. I had a lot of fun with my friends, and it was so nice to find that people really like my products. (Except, it was really really cold!) Because of that, I decide to continue my business.  I hope that I will create better products and have more selling in 2015. (Cheers! :))

christmas market 2014_2


christmas market 2014_3

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