Rainbow Bread

There are three categories of Bread Monster Families, White Bread, Brown Bread, and Dark Bread. They will keep their own colors until 12 years old. Since 12 years old, they can see pigment molecules floating in the air, and color their body, change their appearance with pigment molecules.

Rainbow Bread is from a Monster family of White Bread and was born as other White Breads. His skin had no color but pale white so loves color so much. We can even say he is mentally affected by colors. His wish is to collect all kinds of different colors all over the world. On a day of his 3 years old and he saw a colorful rainbow hanging in the sky. He was so amazed by the rainbow. Since then he wishes that he could turn to 12 years old imminently and color himself like rainbow.

First Workshop_ Masking Tap

First Workshop_ Masking Tap

I am well prepared and looking forward to giving my first work shop this Sunday (Dec. 18.2016.)

There is still some spot left, so feel free to join us! 😉


workshop poster2

Chia DNA is 2 years old! :)

Chia DNA is 2 years old! :)

Today I just saw the photo of my first Christmas market in 2014. If I didn’t see the photo, I would have almost forgotten that I had so little products. I have created lots of illustrations and developed many diverse products in these two years. Now my stand at Christmas market in 2016 is full of my illustrations and products. I have never thought of it 2 years ago!

I can have such progress, except I have worked very hard. I have to thank a lot of people and orgainzations, as my first shop in shop Spring Store, and first market De Zelfgemaakte Markt, Swan market, Round & Round, The New Label Project, Subcultures, Draagkracht, Sunday Market, Museum Market, Utrecht Made, etc.. Of course, I also have to thank to my cooperating companies, my fans, families and friends.





能有如此的進展,除了自己一點一滴的努力外,還要感謝最初讓我寄賣的 Spring Shop 和 擺攤的 De Zelfgemaakte Market ,以及後來的Swan market、Round & Round、The New Label Project、Subcultures、Draagkracht、Sunday Market、Museum Market、Utrecht Made, 等等,還有我的合作廠商們、喜愛我作品的人們和默默支持我的家人、朋友們!


Confused Universe Exhibition & Shop November, December2016

Confused Universe Exhibition & Shop November, December2016

The ‘Confused Universe Exibition & Shop’ will feature the latest work and products of ‘Chia DNA’. In the center is the imagination of Yu-Chia, and all of her creatures, and how it crosses over to the real world.

Are you curious about Chia DNA’s new work? Come join and take a look at Subcultures! Let’s open our imagination together! 😉

* 1 November- 31 December 2016 at Subculture/ Oudegracht 183, 3511 NE Utrecht/  in Utrecht.
More information: https://www.facebook.com/events/872286716235156/

Flora Pattern & Jewellery Design

Pattern & Jewelry design_Flora @ ChiaDNAFlora_Green leaves & red flowers

Pattern & Jewelry design_Flora @ ChiaDNAFlora_Spring Bud

Pattern & Jewelry design_Flora @ ChiaDNAFlora_Spring Blossom

Pattern & Jewelry design_Flora @ ChiaDNAFlora_End of the Winter

– In order to satisfy my expectation of spring, I only can stay next to the heater at home and create some patterns of the flora. 🙁  The winter still dosen’t want to leave Holland yet, however, I am already looking forward for the warm spring…. (I am still waiting waiting… but waiting…..) The only good thing is that I am going to create more flora series.  😉




Clay creation before the spring 2016

foreast spirit cup_2

Mug with spring spirits

smile cloud bowlSmile Cloud & a creature

Tree creature of flower potTree creature for Flower pot

– I’ve done some try out for clay work, like chopstick holder, mug, small cloud bowl for sauce and bowl / tree creature for flower pot. I think that these work are not bad before glazing. I just did glazing couple days ago, and I don’t know what will be after glazing. (I am crossing my finger now!!! ) I will share the result with you if the result is good! 😛
What do you think about them?! = =??



My first Clay Creatures :)

Clay characters151109_©ChiaDNA
I’ve been thinking to create Clay Creatures since I saw a lot cute and interesting clay creature in Florence 5, 6 years ago. I was thinking, I also would like to create my own Clay Creatures one day. I started learning ceramic making 6 months ago. At the same time, I was thinking to create some clay creatures for fun.

Finally I got some relaxing moment yesterday and  I decided to spend whole afternoon and evening to created my first Clay Characters. Now I have 10 clay creatures, and next step is wait for them dry and bake them. Let’s see what will happen to this little clay creatures.  😀



Sunday Market Amsterdam in September 2015

The weather was not so good so the selling was not supper great on that day, even though I still had really nice day. Thanks for my nice neighbor, Andrea (http://pipiandtoto.com) at the market, and my pervious clients come to visit my stand with their son. (I’ve created a card of new born baby for them.) They made my day, and It was so nice to see them again!
ChiaDNA at Sunday Market Amsterdam / September 6

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