Black Ink Monsters


Méi and Koal are best friends ever. They grow up together in the “Black Ink Monster” tribe. Méi is very talkative and loves to interact with people. She acts with her instinct. Koel is quite different from Méi. He is calm and rational, and thinks twice before he acts. They both love to explore unknown territories and their contradictory personalities make them the best team for adventures.

A couple of months ago, their cacique decided to move and settle down in a forest where the colours didn’t exist yet. Everything there was so pure as water and so clear as glass before they came. Méi and Koal were so happy and excited about the new environment. With the time past, their excitement is slowly fading away. Apparently, they need some stimulation in their dull and boring daily life. 

In the sunny morning,  Méi and Koal decide to go out and explore a deeper part of the forest without any planning in advance… When they walk through a tunnel which is covered by a waterfall, they see a big white field…






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